A New Start

Almost 2 years between posts… that sounds about right around here. But I’ve absolutely decided that I’m going to get better than that! Of course, I’m also pretty high on cold medication, so take it with a grain of salt. Or maybe a teaspoon or two.

For 2014 I made just two reading resolutions:

  1. Read 52 books. I used to laugh at people who had to make this kind of resolution, since I used to read around 200-250 books a year. But now that I have a few distractions in my life (a business that I just can’t get away from, an obsession with knitting that takes up valuable reading time, the internet, and hockey) I found it was actually a challenge last year. I’m doing excellently so far this year (9 books by Feb 2!) but I know how easy it is to look up and realize that I haven’t read an actual book in months, despite owning a used bookstore. (I still read, I just read 150K word mpreg slash fanfics instead. What even is my life?)
  2. Diversify my reading. There are so many more books available now that have main characters who are POC, queer, disabled, or all of the above than when I was growing up and I definitely need to take advantage of that! Especially living back in this most whitebread of towns, I need to read something that isn’t steeped in white, cis, straight, middle-class North America/Britain.

I’m going to do my best to blog about both those resolutions as the year goes on. Wish me luck!

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