Genre Shmenre

Tonight I was commenting on a blog post and found myself ranting about 1) people who read only one genre and 2) gender-specific genres (you know, how sci-fi is for boys and funny contemporary fiction that has a relationship in it is chick-lit, and all that shit.) I ended up toning down my rant in the comment itself, but it got me thinking about how glad I am that I really do read a little of everything. My shelves are filled with all sorts of different books and in my life I have read from pretty much every different section in the bookstore.

But it got me thinking about what genres I have never read, and I could only come up with three: Westerns, Horror, and True Crime. Well, I guess some of the vampire novels I read way back when could be considered horror — Laurell K. Hamilton, I’m looking at you and your terrible decent into utter shit. And there’s a reason I’ve never read a true crime novel and it can be summed up with two words: empathy and wuss.

So, I’m challenging myself to read a Western this year. Maybe a Louis L’Amour or a Zane Grey? I’ll Take a look tomorrow and see what sounds interesting.

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