New Year’s Resolutions

My challenge to myself to read a book a week for the last 20 weeks of the year fell to pieces rather quickly.  Not that I didn’t read any books, but I certainly didn’t blog about them!  That’s okay though, because one of my NYR this year is to not feel guilty about things like that…

I don’t usually do the whole NYR thing. I really do have enough guilt in my life already without piling more on, but this year I do feel like challenging myself a little. I made some knitting resolutions that I posted over on Ravelry already:

  1. Finish the baby projects BEFORE my sister goes into labour (due date is mid-February.) This includes: blocking the baby blanket; sewing up, adding i-cord ties to, and blocking the Baby Surprise Jacket; finishing at least one set of the many baby booties I have half finished.
  2. Finish at least 12 charity projects this year. I want to do some baby hats for the hospital, as well as some adult and/or kid hats and mitts for somewhere like Mitzbah House.
  3. Have any Christmas knitting I decide on DONE by the end of October.
  4. Pull out all my WIPs and either finish or frog them.
  5. Get my Ravelry projects up to date and keep them that way.
  6. And finally (stealing Kathy’s lovely idea), do something crafty every day.

Now I also want to make some reading related ones:

  1. Read 50 books this year (and keep track of them.)
  2. Blog about at least 1 book a month.
  3. Branch out into short stories — read at least 1 every week.

Let’s see how long I can keep any of these going!

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