A Note on the Type

Possibly this makes me an irredeemable dork, but I love it when a book has a little blurb at the back talking about the font it is printed in. You know what I mean… Or possibly you don’t, if you’re not the type to flip the page after you hit those inevitable words: THE END.

You get some lovely little blurbs like this:

The text of this book is set in Fournier. Fournier is derived from the romain du roi, which was created toward the end of the seventeenth century for the exclusive use of the Imprimerie Royale from designs made by a committee of the Academie des Sciences. The original Fournier types were cut by the famous Paris founder Pierre Simon Fournier in about 1742. This Monotype version dates from 1924. Fournier ia a light, clear face whose distinctive features are capital letters that are quite squat in relation to the lowercase ascenders, and decorative italics, which show the influence of the calligraphy of Fournier’s time.

~ A Year in the Merde, Stephen Clarke

It’s like reading the credits after the movie (which I also do) and being amazed at just how many hundreds of people worked on LotR… Or possibly it’s even geekier than that.

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